New Jersey Parents Fight for Recess

My favorite education blogger, Susan Ohanian, recently wrote about a group of New Jersey parents who fought to have recess restored in their community. Their efforts have spread statewide and now there’s a bill pending in the Legislature that would establish a task force to examine whether recess should be required in the state’s elementary schools.

Read about it here.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Parents Fight for Recess

  1. I too adore Susan Ohanian, read her books,subscribe to her daily listserv (do we still call it a listserv? Without the e at the end?) and have gotten to know her over the years. She and I have had many discussions on this recess issue. She is the author of “Whatever Happened to Recess and Why are Our Children Failing Kindergarten?”

    From the article: “Their efforts have now spread statewide, and led to a bill pending in the Legislature that
    would establish a task force to examine whether recess should be required in the state’s elementary schools.”

    Whether recess SHOULD be required? We need a task force to answer this question? Oh, for god’s sake. Enough already. We need committees and lobbying and legislative task forces. All to examine whether recess should even be required?

    My daughter’s high school offers Depression Screenings every fall. In freshman and sophomore year, there is “Health,” where they do entire units on stress and depression.

    I say enough already. Get rid of the task forces and all these high-falutin’ programs. Scrap “Health” and just fling open the door and let the kids run wild. Free, doesn’t cost a cent, no special teacher needed, works every time.

    Get rid of those high minded depression screenings. Another school parent and I were talking about this last night. I don’t want depression screenings and fancy health programs. Here’s what I want. I want much less homework and less pressure because that is the single most effective deterrant to teen depression. At least it is in my household. Don’t offer some expensive program and expect the kids to do all the homework, knowing full well there’s no way they can “time manage” this to finish by ten.

    I don’t want fancy health programs that cost the county money, I want recess or study hall. We can’t add more hours to the day. Either assign less work or give the students more time at school to get it done.

    The depression screenings and health programs are window dressing to me. A veiled attempt to pretend the school actually cares about the health and well being of the students. My daughter was up till 2:30 am this morning writing an essay. Give her less, let her get to bed, and dump all those expensive programs. Don’t teach health, live it.

    As for recess? Children need it. Period. End of story. We don’t need a legislative task force, we just need a little common sense. Which seems to be in rather short supply among the very adults entrusted with the care of our children.

    I don’t have a lot of patience. Enough already.


  2. I’m with u2, I’m an highscool student here working my arse off and there no time to breath, it just work all day, I know I;m asian(live in USA) and we suppose to do that but can we atleast have 10m to relax, gee


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