How to Have a Homework-Reduced 2009

If you’re hoping that 2009 will be a better school year, homework-wise, why not give your child’s teacher a copy of The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children and What We Can Do About It? If s/he reads it over the holiday break, s/he just might return with a new, informed, and changed attitude. At the same time, why not pick up a few extra copies and give them to those in charge of school policy?

And, if you’re thinking of making a year-end donation to a cause, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to:

Stop Homework/Alliance for Childhood
P.O. Box 444
College Park, MD 20741

Be sure to earmark your check for “Stop Homework.” Like many other groups which rely on funding from private foundations, Stop Homework lost half of its funding this year. Your contributions will help ensure the longevity of this project.

3 thoughts on “How to Have a Homework-Reduced 2009

  1. As a 9th grade student in highschool, I can have up to an hour in homework just in ONE subject!!!
    Homework now-a-days is was too much.
    Half the time I have over 3 hrs in homework.
    Students spend 8 hours a day (With the exception of Saturdays and Sundays) in school. Then they come home to do more work from school.
    We don’t have time to do anything. No time to relax.
    In my opinion if teachers are going to send us these ridulous homework assignments, sometimes even on weekends, then why even go to school????
    School should take care of all the work. THAT’S WHY WE GO! To learn and to work.
    I hope homework is eliminated or atleast reduced dramatically.
    I mean, it’s rather hard to fit in school. tons of homework, chores, shower, friends, and etc. Infact, I don’t even hang out with my friends anymore.
    I have so much homework now I have no time for anything!
    Something MUST be done.
    Especially in Rayville, Louisiana. Hahaha.


  2. Sky: I’m sorry to hear you have so much homework.Take a look at the answer to #6 in the FAQ section of this blog. You can try getting in touch with the students mentioned there to see whether they can give you some support. Have you considered finding a few other students who feel the same way as you do? Maybe all of you can talk to your teachers and/or principal together.As long as students continue to do the work that is asked of them and don’t talk to the adults who assign it, schools will have no motivation to change their homework policies.

    Also, have you talked to a parent or guardian about the excessive homework load? Perhaps s/he can go in and talk to your teachers or the principal. S/he can also contact me directly and I’d be happy to give some advice.

    Good luck!


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