Some Canadian School Eliminate Homework

I’ve written many times about places in Canada where homework has been eliminated. This month’s Today’s Parent, published in Toronto, Canada, has an article titled, “The End of Homework?”, which looks at a school in Barrie, Ontario, which eliminated homework this year. The article concludes:

But a year after [Barrie’s] Prince of Wales eliminated most forms of homework, students’ marks have improved by an average of three percent, [principal] Olson says. Is this due to less homework? Hard to say. But he points out that the new policy has forced teachers to cover more of the curriculum more effectively during class time. Students are more focused on classwork now, and reports of students not sleeping because of homework have disappeared, said Olson. “One family told me it’s the first time their daughter is involved in competitive sports because, previously, she never had time.”.

Read the article here. (And a big thanks to Amanda Cockshutt for sending me the article.)

4 thoughts on “Some Canadian School Eliminate Homework

  1. Great article. Maybe our society will start pushing back from its harshness towards children in general if this trend continues. It’s time adults reclaim adulthood, and take more responsibility for protecting children and their childhoods.

    We need to parent and protect, not prepare our young children. The preparation role is more for the teen years. We aren’t doing our kids any favours by rushing them through ages 0 to 12. Let’s enjoy them and value them for what they are…not forecast and fret about what they will become.


  2. why you want to stop homework so he kids just play and play with this new game ” ds or wii” and at after school you ask the kids what you want to be you want him to say what customer service or a cleaner or nothing
    if i don’t start from the begining with my kids he will be one of those how dosn’t have any futurehomework are so important


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