Inside the Minds of School Board Candidates

I came across this piece, where candidates for the Houston Independent School Board were asked whether the District should have a “no homework policy.” I have a feeling that the positions taken by the various candidates are typical of those in many communities and thus worth a look, just to know what you might be facing in your own community.

2 thoughts on “Inside the Minds of School Board Candidates

  1. Vernon Reed gets my vote (except I don’t live in Houston). I’d prefer a no-homework policy, but at least he didn’t weasel like the rest of them, and seems to get that piling on homework doesn’t do any good.


  2. Why is it that the media can say:
    Smoking is leading cause of cancer
    Seatbelts are mandatory and are effective in saving lives
    Eating too much fat and sugar results in major health problems
    We need more airport security to prevent terrorism attacks

    and we listen and accept that.

    But people like Sara Bennett and Alfie Kohn write two well researched books about how homework is detrimental to children’s wellbeing and the lives of families, and educators and politicians and in some cases journalists, still forcefully submit that homework is crucial and necessary, just because they believe it is so. I know parents are well meaning; they only want what’s best for their children. But family doctors, teachers and anyone working with children should know better and they should be guiding parents as to the most effective ways in which to educate children.

    If nothing else, I’m becoming more galvanized in my mind and more certain that I have to get the real information out there. Like Frank Bruni said, we just need to stick to the research. And keep hammering.


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