Guest Blogger: A Father’s Lament

Today’s guest blogger is John Painter, the editor of On that web site, you’ll find interesting articles on a variety of topics, including: scripted learning, cheating, and homework. You’ll also find a pretty decent homework policy from the Readington, New Jersey, School District. Here, the father of two describes the all-too-familiar trials of aContinue reading “Guest Blogger: A Father’s Lament”

From a Fourth Grade Teacher

I received the following email from a fourth grade teacher in the Lincoln Consolidated School District near Ann Arbor, Michigan: Last year we had the homework issue come up in an aggressive move from our principal to try and regulated homework across grade levels. It is so over the top! The amount of homework heContinue reading “From a Fourth Grade Teacher”

Homework as Muse

I’ve been getting heartbreaking email from students, mostly highschoolers, about the role of homework in their lives. Today, I received a refrigerator magnet poem from Becca, a 17-year-old eleventh grader from Bainbridge Island, Washington: I am not motivated in school make good grades do homework complete work accomplish, study, test College? NO! my love isContinue reading “Homework as Muse”

Success Stories

In the past week, I’ve received a lot of email from parents across the country who’ve started discussing the homework problem with their children’s teachers and among other parents in their children’s classes. Their letters are inspiring. For example, this morning “HM” wrote me: After gaining insight from your book about how to approach homeworkContinue reading “Success Stories”

Praise for The Case Against Homework from California State University Associate Professor of Education

Yesterday, I got the nicest note from Stephen D. Aloia, an associate professor of education at California State University, Fullerton. I interviewed Aloia for the book, so his comments, reprinted with his permission, are especially gratifying: Sara, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book, The Case Against Homework. As aContinue reading “Praise for The Case Against Homework from California State University Associate Professor of Education”