Student Made His Homework Optional

A few weeks ago, I read a story in, about a student, now 25, and a cum-laude graduate from college, who made his homework optional, both in high school and in college. Intrigued, I emailed his mother, Julia Rhodes, to find out a little more. She told me that her son, who had beenContinue reading “Student Made His Homework Optional”

From My Mailbox–A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out

I received the following email from a former-graduate student: A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out I admire your mission. The subject of how I spent my life doing homework and what turned out to be worthless schooling is a subject I often cry and get angry about, but a past situation I would for oneContinue reading “From My Mailbox–A Former Graduate Student Speaks Out”

From my Mailbox–A Seventh Grader Speaks Out

I got this compelling email the other day from a Connecticut middle school student: Dear Sara, The life of a middle school girl is one of total chaos–cliques, peer pressure, friendships, guys, emotions, and lots lots LOTS of homework. I don’t understand why children are expected to complete assignments that have NOTHING to do withContinue reading “From my Mailbox–A Seventh Grader Speaks Out”

From My Mailbox–A High School Senior Speaks Out

Here’s an email I received from a senior at Camarillo High School in California: Dear Sara: As a high school student I believe most homework is just a waste of time. Simply put, a lot of the work can actually be done in class or not done at all (I’ll get to that later). HomeworkContinue reading “From My Mailbox–A High School Senior Speaks Out”

A Fifth Grader’s “Case Against Homework”

The New York Daily News recently ran an opinion piece by fifth grader Benjamin Berrafato, “Fifth-graders of the nation, unite against homework.” He wrote: Homework is assigned to students like me, without our permission. Teachers expect us to do homework, even though we’d rather not. It can be hard sometimes. We get punished if weContinue reading “A Fifth Grader’s “Case Against Homework””

A High School Junior Speaks Out–Dear Secretary of Education

I think it’s fitting that today’s post is by a student who is seeking change at the very top. Sheeva Seyfi, a junior at Laguna Hills High School in Southern California, sent me a letter she’s considering sending to the Department of Education. She very articulately outlines the problems so many high schoolers face andContinue reading “A High School Junior Speaks Out–Dear Secretary of Education”

Zine: A Students’ Guide to Taking Back the Classroom

Two years ago, right after The Case Against Homework was published, I heard from Dylan Baird, then a 16-year-old junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was writing an article on homework for his school newspaper. Now, Dylan and two friends, Breton Sheridan and Tom Stokes, have published a zine, “AContinue reading “Zine: A Students’ Guide to Taking Back the Classroom”

From the Mouth of a Seventh-Grader

Adam, a seventh-grader from New Hampshire, wrote me an eloquent diatribe against homework: I must be completely honest with you. I thought I had it bad, but reading some of your archives for summer assignments is terrible. My learning environment is second rate, my books date back to the mid 80s, my teachers are oldContinue reading “From the Mouth of a Seventh-Grader”