Guest Blogger: A High School Sophomore’s Essay on Homework

A sophomore at a Rhode Island public high school sent me this essay he wrote for English class. When he’s not doing homework, the student likes to do yoga and is a member of two clubs, People Respecting Individual Differences and Equality (formally known as the Gay-Straight Alliance) and Students for Social and Environmental Justice.Continue reading “Guest Blogger: A High School Sophomore’s Essay on Homework”

From My Mailbox: Letter from an Anonymous Freshman

Do you have any advice for this anonymous freshman? Dear Sara, You’ve devoted a lot of space on your website to the issues surrounding homework in elementary and secondary schools, but I couldn’t find any information on what to do when the onslaught continues into college. As a college student, I continue to experience theContinue reading “From My Mailbox: Letter from an Anonymous Freshman”

Eleventh-Grade Stress, New York City Style

New York magazine’s recent issue, “Peace and Quiet,” profiled an eleventh-grade student at Dalton, a private school in Manhattan. This is how the student describes his life: Especially around college-application time, things get pretty stressful at school. In addition to all my academics, I take creative writing, percussion ensemble, and jazz ensemble. I don’t haveContinue reading “Eleventh-Grade Stress, New York City Style”

Guest Blogger: An Eleventh Grader Speaks Out

You might have noticed that I am featuring more guest writers than I did last year. So whether you’re a student, teacher, mental health professional, or parent, please send me your thoughts. Because I think it’s important to see students’ work in its original form, I don’t edit it or correct grammar and spelling errors.Continue reading “Guest Blogger: An Eleventh Grader Speaks Out”

A High School Sophomore Speaks Up

In a letter to The New York Times, a high school sophomore writes: As a sophomore in high school, I can say that I have a genuine love for learning. But too often it becomes a thoughtless process with rote memorization where I simply cram for tests and then discard the information. Instead of learningContinue reading “A High School Sophomore Speaks Up”

Guest Blogger: A Seventh-Grader Speaks Out

Edward, a twelve-year-old seventh-grader from Las Vegas, has been writing to me with his thoughts about homework. He is a “wizard on the computer,” plays viola, and would be taking advanced classes except that he was reassigned to regular classes because he wasn’t completing all of his homework. The other day, Edward sent me anContinue reading “Guest Blogger: A Seventh-Grader Speaks Out”

Guest Blogger: An Eighth Grader’s Lament

Middle and high school students have been sending me essays they’ve written about homework. On occasion, I will be posting them here. (If you are a student and want me to consider your paper, email me.) Today’s guest blog entry is by Courtney, an eighth grader who goes to a middle school in the CentralContinue reading “Guest Blogger: An Eighth Grader’s Lament”

From the Mouth of a College Student

A student at Buena Vista University in Iowa argues eloquently that homework should not be assigned over spring break. Beaches, warm sun, a clear blue ocean. What a way to spend spring break. Mine went a bit differently. My plans consisted of a trans-Iowa trip with plenty of time with friends and family. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “From the Mouth of a College Student”

High School Student Takes on “Vacation” Homework

A high school student at one of the most elite public high schools in the country, “Stuyvesant High School in New York City, “persuaded the principal to put limits on homework over school breaks. According to an article in The New York Times, “Like the earnest boy in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ Sean pointed outContinue reading “High School Student Takes on “Vacation” Homework”

From the Mouth of A Fourth-Grader

Even before Newsweek wrote about how fourth-graders are burned out, I heard from Julianna, a fourth-grader who lives south of the Bay Area in California. I’ve received countless emails from students over the last several months, but Julianna is the youngest yet: I am in the 4th grade and I have 4 to 5 hoursContinue reading “From the Mouth of A Fourth-Grader”